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Thinking About Subscriptions

(hey! so before you read what else is here, you should know that i did publish something! on somebody else’s newsletter! it’s about the anti-mlm community and the unchanging nature of internet drama. i’m super proud of it, and it will function as a sort of guide to the content you can expect from me later this year.)

Hello. I hope you’re doing well.

I am thinking about creating a paid tier for this newsletter. No real timeline yet (still in school), but I wanted to see if anyone had any opinions on whether they would, and if so, what kind of content they wanted to see, and how frequently.

Patreon is an option, but there are too many unnecessary features, which encouraged an unhealthy amount of scope creep and subsequent burnout.

Keeping things here streamlines the whole operation. Fiction, essays, reviews, articles—all of it lives here. I don’t want to complicate things by hosting different writing on different platforms.

Having paid subscribers signals that people are vibing with what I’m producing, and encourages me to produce more and better stuff.

None of this will be happening soon—I’ve got my return planned for the Fall, and even that far-off date is pretty tentative. There’s stuff planned and in the outlining phase. I’m excited to have the time to get back to creating regularly again, but I don’t want to force it or start back up too soon.

This lil update here is mostly just to take the temp on what paid subscriptions might look like, and what people think.

So yeah. That’s it.

Take care. Stay safe.

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